Korite: Reclaim Land

What is Ammolite

The World Jewelry Confederation classifies Ammolite as a true gem, one of only three named in the last 300 years.

This rare, natural expression of the spectacular gem is beleived to awaken positive energy with its joyful beauty and ancient heritage. Wearers and collectors call them gems of enlightenment.






KORITE discovers and hand cuts the ammolite gem to maximize the inherently bright colors.




KORITE is the leader in the ammolite industry, setting grading standards since 1979. Ammolite comes in four grades: AAA, AA, A and standard.The grades are based on the gem’s brilliance and variety of color and clarity. AAA and AA account for only 3-12% of KORITE’s annual production.

Authentic KORITE ammolite is ethically mined and certified by the Federal Department of Canadian Heritage.




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